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I work in a casino, which is why I'm on at weird hours from a European point of view. I am aware that I might be obsessed with Junsu.
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April 18 2014, 2am ...5 minutes ago


“Dr. Jin” Special Making on DATV Japan – Kim Jaejoong’s NGs

Credit: Jaejoong GRACEFUL
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April 17 2014, 9pm ...4 hours ago

Let It Go by Changmin || Times played:39,911


140316 A Night Like Tonight - Changmin singing Frozen’s Let It Go

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April 17 2014, 4pm ...9 hours ago


in math today my teacher asked what makes a number perfect and I said its dazzling personality and she almost kicked me out

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April 17 2014, 7am ...19 hours ago


you can be cool but you can never be jackie chan making his own kpop boyband cool

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April 17 2014, 4am ...21 hours ago






  • netfics: just like netflix except it’s fanfic professionally acted out and produced instead of tv and movies
  • icdb: international commercial database, like imdb except for commercials so we can find out who all the cuties in commercials are

i smell a worthwhile kickstarter 

netfics is just gonna end up being porn isn’t it

I thought that much was clear

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April 16 2014, 9pm ...1 day ago

Nana through the Orange Caramel eras.

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April 16 2014, 7pm ...1 day ago

Things about BOM → Park Bom in MUSIC SHOWS It hurts + If I were you [ PART 1]

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